Thursday, 31 January 2013

At long last Pauline has sorted me out with uploading these pictures! They're not brilliant but I think my infamous photographic skills are only surpassed by my computer skills lol. Oh well they are here now.
Since our last blog we have three new ladies, one on tuesday, Barbara, Lesley and Jennys' friend Lesley (yes another Lesley) and Lindas' friend Chris, both on friday. We would like to welcome them to our little group, and hope they enjoy our classes.
Hope to be back soon, thanks for looking.



Hi Ladies,
I'm just testing the uploading of the photo's for Irene and thought this one would be a good one to put on the blog, it's our Jenny in her kitchen. Pauline x

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know we are not having a class on wednesday evening 13th February as it is Ash Wednesday and the church need to use the hall. Back to normal the following week.

Friday, 11 January 2013


Hi Ladies,

Well it's a little way into 2013 but happy new year to all of you. Unfortunately it has been a sad start to the year. Most of you will know by now that our dear Joan Lewin passed away last weekend. Although she had been ill for some time it was still a shock. Pauline and I would like to say what a pleasure it was to have known Joan. She was a lovely lady, always cheerful and had a wonderful sense of humour, especially where her crafting was concerned. We called her Mrs Trimmit, as she liked to keep evening up edges untill they almost disappeared ! It was a standing joke. Her and Joan (Bowler) would take the mickey out of each other and were always laughing. Joan had the ability to laugh at herself. We will miss her so much. Our condolances go to her family.
On a brighter note, Jenny had a special birthday just after christmas, and her family and friends arranged a surprise party. It was a smashing evening and I do believe Jenny actually enjoyed it too. There are a couple of not very good pictures attached !
We have lots of nice things planned for this year including our sleepover and 4 all day crafts throughout the year. The dates for these are as follows:

8th February   all day class
2nd March      craft show at Farnborough/ Quiz nite in the evening at our old hall
13th April       Sleepover at Bridgewood Manor
14th June        all day class
9th August      all day class
29th November   all day class

The all day classes will always be on a friday. There will be other events which we will update you with as and when they are decided. Definately panto again lol.

So I will leave you with those dates for your diary.

Thanks for visiting our blog.
P.S. Having problems with pictures but will add them later - sorry I  am sooo non-technical !