Wednesday, 25 July 2012

24th July

Hi Ladies,
sorry I am not very up to date with our blog, been tied up with hospital appointments, but back again!
A few of you have been on holiday so maybe thats why the blog hasn't had many visitors lately. News update:

Our Lesley has a new addition to her family - Lilly (Bow or Beau?) Sparkles to be precise, who apparently is running rings round her! Pauline and Rod have bought themselves a bike each and are teaching their grandson Stan to ride, that I would like to see. We reluctantly cancelled last fridays class due to the olymic torch going through Higham and road closures, so by today we were getting withdrawal symptoms! Anyway, here are some pictures of todays cards.

Sunday, 8 July 2012


Hello Ladies, 

just thought you ought to see Lesley's card she made for her Mum. Isn't it beautiful, hope she loved it.This is the kind of card you can make using the embossing boards that we will be using next friday at our all day craft class.There are boards with embelishment shapes for adding to your cards as well as shapes for the base card. Something for everyone, hopefully.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

News Update

Hi Ladies, sorry this has been such a long time coming. But with holidays and hospitals etc., we have got a bit behind.
It will soon be time for our all day craft on the 13th July, friday week. We are looking forward to that. We will be using all the Glitter Girls boards and making cards and embelishments with them. You will need your ball tool but we do have some if you don't have your own, plus any of the boards you may have. It will help if we have spares as some of you will want to do the same ones.
Those of you coming to the weekend craft event in October, will need to bring a pair of pinking shears, if you can borrow a pair or have your own. They will be used for fabric NOT paper. But don't panic, there will be no sewing involved!!
If the weather ever changes we were going to organise a nice lunch after class one day, let us know if you are interested.
That's all for the time being, here are a few pics of some recent cards made by you.