Thursday, 20 December 2012





Well Ladies, nearly the end of another year. It's been a busy year for us doing more than previous years, but well worth it. Everyone seemed to enjoy christmas dinner at the Sans Pareil, we certainly did. Joan Bowler won the raffle, a lovely decorated glass yankee candle burner. We also did secret santa again. It was a lovely afternoon. I have to say, what a fantastic time we all had at the panto! I think I enjoyed it 100 times more than I thought I would, can't wait for next year Lol.
We were sad to see Joy for the last time for a while as she will be undergoing treatment for her migranes which will leave her too unwell to come to class but we will keep in touch with her and hope to see her back when she is better, good luck Joy. Also, we wish Janet Fisher a speedy recovery from her operation earlier this week, hope to see her back in class soon. We haven't forgotten either That Carole Dick celebrates a birthday on the 27th and our Jenny a special birthday on the 28th, Happy Birthday to you both.
In the new year we will be going to the craft show at Farnborough, thats March, we have an all day class in February and another weekend 'sleepover' in April, lots to look forward to.
Unfortunately due to the hall rental being increased your classes will £6 from January. We are sorry about this but the cost of utilities has risen so much that the church had no option.

I am off to Scotland for the festive period, where they are known to celebrate rather more than somewhat !!!! Pauline will be enjoying it with her family. Before we know it, classes will be on the go again. Friday January 4th will be the first class of 2013, so until then, we wish you all a wonderful christmas and a happy new year and look forward to seeing you next year. Until then here are some pictures of christmas dinner and our last class tonight.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas !!!

Hi again everyone, a bit longer than a month has gone by, sorry about that. Since our last blog a date has been arranged for our next 'sleepover'. This time we have a much nicer venue. The Bridgewood Manor is a 4* hotel and certainly an improvement on the last time. I think everyone knows the date now is not 10th March as this is Mothers Day, so it will be saturday 13th April. Those coming need to pay their deposits now, and the balance will be due 8 weeks before we go.  Our next proposed all day class is friday 8th February, to be conifirmed. Only 2 weeks to go until panto time, whoopee. Our last class this year will be wednesday evening the 19th December, then back on friday 4th January 2013.
We expect you are all looking forward to christmas, well maybe not all of you, but most. I am of course hoping santa brings my prosthetic leg, although my real one has been a little better lately lol.
Here are the last few pictures taken in class, sorry there are not many but we kept forgetting to take any!
By the way don't forget your £5 secret santa pressie for those coming to our christmas dinner. Thanks.

Be back just before christmas, keep watching.